Sian Beynon
Sian BeynonRegistered Care Provider
Registered Manager
I have been working with adults with Learning disabilities and other associated conditions for over 15 years.

For the past 10 years I have been managing services that support individuals with complex behavioral needs and health care needs to live in their own home and access the community;

Through all the lessons that I have learnt I truly believe that building a Personalized plan for every individual achieves greater self-esteem, self-worth and enables them to live a happy and fulfilled life.

At Personalized Care the service user is always central to the service that we provide. We do not plan for people; we plan with them. We use whatever method is best suited to that individual – whether this be full participation in the plan using discussions with signs/ symbols/photographs etc. or through managers observation of the individual and through gaining information from family, friends, professionals and previous carers.

“Personalized Care is the way forward”

Michaela Prime
Michaela PrimeRegistered Care Provider
I have over ten years’ experience, working with both adults and children with Learning Disabilities and other associated conditions. I have worked across social care and educational settings and have gained a wide range of experience and knowledge along the way.

I believe that promoting choice and independence wherever possible will build higher self-esteem and achieve excellent service user outcomes.

We are dedicated to making our service fit around each Individual that we support. At Personalized Care we are passionate when seeking out new local activities and opportunities for individuals specific to their own personal likes and interests. We will devise a full programme of activities specific to each individual.

We will always encourage people in the service user’s circle of support to become involved in implementing the agreed plan and reviewing the care that we provide.

“Living as independently as possible is something all of us would like to achieve. Let us support you in achieving this goal.”